Review: BENCH Online Shop

BchStore-thmbShop: Bench

Rating: 4 and half

Nowadays shopping has become easier. In just one click, you could buy anything at your doorstep. There are countless  Online shops all over the world and they offer all kind of items from Clothes, Shoes, Home Appliances, Food, Supplies and other more you could think of.

Bench is one of the Online shops that is based in the Philippines. They offer a large range of items like clothes, shoes, perfumes, bag and other more items.

Last April 18,  2016, I ordered some items from Bench and here is my rating for their service:


Appearance of the Website


 It is just simple but it emphasizes the items that are available on the site.




They will send a confirmation E-mail once you purchase the items and another E-mail for the schedule of delivery.




They offer a lot of options and Cash on delivery is one of the options!


Shipping and Delivery Service


The courier they use is Xend. It is really fast, I got my item just after 2 days since I placed my order.




It is sealed in the Bench packaging and since my item is fragile, it is wrapped with bubble wrap.



Shopping has been my hobby and I had ordered from Facebook shops to large Online shops and Bench now has the most satisfying service I had ever experience even though I paid for the Bench Magazine but it was not included on my package.

Over all rating is 4.5/5 stars.

To shop or to view the available items, you could go to Bench.

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Review: Poetry Magnets PH

tumblr_inline_nk1ns3Tf0I1tophoj.pngShop: Poetry Magnets PH

Rating: 3 and half



“I definitely want that!” That is what I said the moment I saw the Poetry Magnet on Instagram.

It is actually a bunch of words written on a magnet tile that helps you to become creative and make your poetry in a different way.

So I ordered two kits from this store and I’am so luck because there was an on-going promo that I got. When you buy two kits, you will get a 4 pieces of Memory Magnet (A square tile magnets with your pictures on). I bought the Black Kit and the Book lovers Kit out of the different kits available. The other kits were:

300++ word tiles in a silver tin can with window

300++ LOVE-themed word tiles in a silver tin can with window

350++ Kundiman word tiles in a silver tin can with window

180++ bibliophile-themed word tiles in solid craft box with ribbon

102 colored Scrabble tiles in an extra large craft box

35 assorted smileys placed in a craft box

530++ Filipino words that are for everyday use, housed in a big craft box.

300+ words that we learned from our beki sisters and friends, plus a couple more words that we don’t know the meaning to (yet!) ❤ Housed in a big craft box.




I placed my order last January 27, 2016 (Wednesday)  from their website PoetryMagnetsPH and I waited for the confirmation through E-mail where it include the total amount you will pay and the Bank account number.


They actually have two modes of payment, BPI and BDO. I payed the bill that Friday (January 29, 2016)  since I was only given 3 banking days to settle my payment. I payed through BPI transfer and there is no additional charge once you deposited it to their account.

My package was actually delayed because they got guesting from CNN (Channel 9) and Kabuhayang Swak na Swak (Channel 2) and arrived by February 9, 2016. It was a long wait and I must say that it is the longest of all since it was weeks before the package arrive but it was actually worth it. Maybe if you order today they will deliver it faster thatn

This shop is actually owned by a couple and I find it very inspiring since they were together with the stuff that they both like.


So if you are like me who loves words and poems, I recommend you to buy these kits and start making your own poems and poetry.

My rating:




Since I got the cheapest kit, it is placed in a craft box (Other kits are in a tin can). The box were wrapped using a bubble wrap.

Customer Service

They are mostly active in Instagram but you can also inquire through their E-mail


I don’t know if it just me but I think they do lack with this one.They should inform their customers if their package will be delayed or such.

Payment Options

BPI or BDO Bank deposit only.

Shipping Fee

So affordable even though it is provincial. (Shipped to Bulacan)

Courier: Xend,LBC

I gave this shop 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Here is the first one that I made and you can see more in my Instagram account, my user name is @yellatrandom


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Review: Lazada Online Shopping

lazada_logo.pngShop: Lazada

Rating: 3 star

I’ve been an Online Seller and Shopper, I enjoy buying things in just click because it made shopping more easier.

I placed my order last November 11, 2015 and the package is supposed to arrive on November 14-15 but my package arrived by November 16 due to some circumstances.

There are many items to choose from Lazada but I admit that some of the items were overpriced compared to the local market. So I suggest you to subscribe to their newsletter because it will keep you updated from the sale and the coupons available.

I remember that I placed it on 11.11 and the coupon I got was 200 pesos off from your 400 pesos and above transactions. I think that was their greatest sale ever since I got 2 pieces of bookmark and a Swap (Tomato) watch with journal at a very low price.



Interface of the Online Shop


I find it user friendly and easy to use but one thing that bothers me is that when you go to the cart it transfers you to another page.  I think it would be more easier if it is a pop window so you can view your cart even when you are choosing from the items.

Payment Options


What I like about Lazada is that they have a lot of payment options to choose from: Credit Cards, HelloPay, Paypal and of course my favorite is the cash on delivery.

Shipping Fee


I find the shipping fee cheap and affordable. It only takes about 99 pesos to ship it to Bulacan.

Tracking of the Package


You can see here the status of your package. I find it very helpful.

Packaging and others


It is tightly wrapped with their bag but the box of the item that I got where not good. I liked that they got a list or receipt for all the items that you bought plus they will also give you a return slip if ever there’s a problem with your items. It is super organized.

Customer Service

So what I have said is that I placed my order last November 11, 2015 and the package is supposed to arrive on November 14-15. So I got a notification from the Lazada and the delivery guy that my package will arrive (November 14). I replied to the delivery guy the location of our house  but I waited all day and I got no response after that. I contact Lazada Customer Service via E-mail and thankfully I got a response in just hours saying that they will rescheduled it due to some circumstances. So I waited and just a little bit disappointed that my package arrived by November 16 around 8pm but of course my anger and disappointment turns into happiness when I got my package.

What is my rating to Lazada?

3 out of 5 starts because of the delays but I will still recommend this to the shoppers because I find the payment option helpful for as a student like me who still haven’t got a credit card and you will no longer pay for additional charges from money transfer.

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