Book Review: Slammed Series By Colleen Hoover


811F-tCSnTL._SL1500_Title: Slammed Series

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 3 and half


Slammed Series is written by Colleen Hoover and it has actually a trilogy series that tells the story of Layken and Will. Layken is an 18 year old who was forced to transfer away from her homeland with her mother and younger brother after their father died. On the other side, Will Cooper is a 21 year old new neighbor with a passion on slam poetry. They met and had an emotional connection but after an unexpected revelation, Layken and Will goes to an up-hill battle with the circumstances that keeping them away from each other.



Title: Slammed

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 3 and half

The first book of the series where Layken and Will relationship starts.  It contains the unexpected revelation and their own moments.  There is something about this book that gives a good feeling. Aside from being a mostly contemporary genre which seems to be just kind of happening in real life, it give a luke-warm feeling because this book tackles love, family and poetry.


Title: Point of Retreat

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 3 and half

The second book of the series. This book is more emotional compared to the first one because it is more of a mixture of pain and love. It’s quite a little depressing but sometimes it felt so good to have a different scene and emotion on the story. It is in point of view of Will Cooper so there’s a little shift on the story.


Title: This Girl

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 3 and half

The last book of the series. It is on the point of view of Will Cooper which made it different from the first books of the series since they are on point of view of Layken. The book is more of reminiscing and having the view of Cooper from the scenes that he and Layken has back then.


Detailed Review

  • Does the Title intrigue me or interests me

Kind of. Colleen Hoover has this way of giving titles to his novels, it is interesting. One word titles are more catchy and interesting.


  • Did I agree on some point of views on it?

Yes, especially on the second and third book of it. The decisions of following Lake’s mother is what I mostly agree on. There are also circumstances in this book that tackles the life of being a teenager which is quite helpful and informative.


  • Author’s style used in the book.

Using Lake’s POV for this first book and Will’s POV on the second book gave answers to all the thoughts and questions that’s has been bugging me. The third book is much more of reminiscing but the series are great with the use of Poetry that made it more interesting and romantic.


  • If the language or style used is convincing to define the character.

I guess so since it was clear that Lake speaks with accent on which she came from. This detail gave a definite character for her.


  • If the characters were represented as what the story suggest.

Yes, they are. Will has a strong personality but there’s also hesitation that you could feel on the words as he speaks and the poetry he slammed on the whole story. On the other side, Lake has a different personality and kind of a weak heroine.

  • If the ideas and concepts are clear.

Yes, this is a normal love story novel that has ideas that was really clear that made it transparent and predictable.


  • Physical appearance of the book. (Cover, binding, layout format etc.)

For the first edition, it just fine. Just in the middle.


  • If it successful in its goal or purpose of the story. (If it made me cry, laugh, inspired or the emotion that one should feel on the book

Yes, it made me feel love, happiness, sadness and pain. There are a lot of scenes that were too touching and overwhelming like on the relationship of Will with Clauder. I also love the heartwarming scenes of Lake and her mother.


  • Favorite part of the story.

I always like the sweet and suck time!


  • What I like from the story.

Will! I love his personality from being a loving brother. I also like the friendship that’s been going on with their friends. I like some little details they have like Julia’s jar and other more that gave a twitch from the familiar story it has. Of course, I also like the use of Poetry and Slamming!


  • What I don’t like from the story.

Maybe it is Lake that I didn’t like. I don’t like much her personality. Sometimes she has a weak personality and kind of moody. I don’t like the way she acts sometimes and her reaction to the circumstances they are in. I also don’t like the instalove that takes place between Lake and Will and additional to that on what I had said is that sometimes the story is too predictable.


  • Favorite Quote in the book.

“Never judge others. You both know good and well how unexpected events can change who a person is. Always keep that in mind. You never know what someone else is experiencing within their own life.”
Colleen Hoover, Slammed

Slammed Series is another novel written by Colleen Hoover. She has written a lot of other more novels and I had read all of it already. (It Ends With Us Review will be posted soon.) Truthfully this novel  kind of bores me a little from its story line and other circumstances that they had been. Its just to plain for me I am not that too fond of Lake of all the characters Colleen Hoover have.  I had read all the three book so I think this book is still a good book to read because you could learn something from it. I promise that! yell sig




Book Review: Never Never by Colleen Hover and Tarryn Fisher

Never-Never-Colleen-Hoover Title: Never Never Series

Author: Collen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery, Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense

Rating: 3 star

Never Never is written by Colleen Hover and Tarryn Fisher. It is a young adult, contemporary and mystery novel focused on Silas and Charlie.

I liked the whole pace of the story because it is not slow. Every detail or chapter leads to something. I liked how the mystery vibe of it that made me want to read it more and find out what really happened to them.

As any other book it also made me think of its title like if there was something hidden meaning to it like the other books. It’s a good thing that it made me curious why it was entitled liked that.

Some stuffs about the book made me a little bit disappointed but it was a good book though.

Never-Never-Colleen-HooverTitle: Never Never (Part 1)

Rating: 4 star

Best friends since they could walk.
In love since the age of fourteen.

Complete strangers since this morning.

He’ll do anything to remember.
She’ll do anything to forget.

I am completely hooked because, “Hello? The story starts up with the mystery vibe even it is just the first chapter.” I like the vibe and stuffs like I am solving something just by reading the book. I was also got curious about the title why it was like that so I continued to read it. I would had lied if I say that I didn’t love it. I love the first part because it was just the opening of the whole mystery thing going on about Silas and Charlie.

The ending of the first part gives me a little hope that it will be something which is a good thing because it left you curious for all the revelation that was found out along the whole story.


Title: Never Never (Part 2)

Rating: 3 star

“Never forget that I was your first real kiss. Never forget that you’ll be my last.
And never stop loving me between all of them.
Never stop, Charlie.
Never forget.”

This is the start when some clues were found out on how did they became like that. I liked how I found out what Never Never means. I like the vibe on their journal and letters. They were in H.S but you can still feel some love from them. Well, that’s how it works right? You loved a book if you found a connection to it.

The whole Part 2 actually focuses more on Silas which means all his views and feelings were visible that you got more of him because of it. The love and care that he shows even the situation from the Part two is like that.

Some parts also made them like selfish persons and somewhat I don’t like some truths that they found out along the way.

Never-Never-Part-Three-by-Colleen-HooverTitle: Never Never (Part 3)

Rating: 2 stars

“Fate is the magnetic pull of our souls toward the people, places, and things we belong with.”

The last part of the book and this is when the story ends. Most of the truths about them were unfolded already. So it was like they were making progress about the whole thing.

The whole act and Silas theory was a little bit shallow that it made me a little bit disappointed on how did the ending goes like that.

Detailed Review:

  • Does the Title intrigue me or interests me?

Super! It is really interesting and I found myself searching for clues as I am reading and finding out why it was entitled like that. Well, after finding out the meaning about it, it was interesting and it didn’t fail to impress me.

  • Did I agree on some point of views on it?

I guess I’ll say it’s 50-50. There are some points that I agree like trusting the present than the past but there are some things that I didn’t agree like the views of Silas about Charlie when she changes and said that he cannot love the new her.

  • Author’s style used in the book.

Opening with a lot of mystery going on is a good thing that it made the readers more curious about the entire story however some points were just left and forgotten.

  • If the language or style used is convincing to define the character.

It was in point of view of both Silas and Charlie which made it more easier to know their feelings and emotions. It’s helpful in that way.

  • If the characters were represented as what the story suggest.

You could picture Silas as epitome of male because he is caring, gentleman, lovable and other more traits you could fall in love with but the one thing that I hated about him is the part when he said to Charlie that he couldn’t love the new her, the personality she is showing or something like that. I know it’s only a book but DON’T HATE ME. It just it ruined everything. Some traits and actions doesn’t fit together.

  • If the ideas and concepts are clear.

The book fails in this criteria. After reading the series, I was like “what?”. There are so many things that were not justified and explained clearly. It felt like the mystery is just a mystery, there’s no answer for every question it gave to the readers. So many holes and the ending was kind of depressing.

  • Physical appearance of the book. (Cover, binding, layout format etc.)

The cover is great but I don’t see much connection of it to the story. I thought it was something to do with water or the flower but it was not.

  • If it successful in its goal or purpose of the story. (If it made me cry, laugh, inspired or the emotion that one should feel on the book )

Somewhat it made me got curious and it made me fell in love with the characters but not that much.

When there was about only 20 pages left, I asked my self on how could it end in just few pages. There are still piles of answers that are needed to be justified. I was hoping for more but I guess that’s just how fate works. This is a H.S love story and most of the Colleen Hoover’s novel where much deeper… Maybe that’s why it got me disappointed.

I still love it though because there are still lessons that I got from it. As what my favorite quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, “Be a filter not a sponge.”, I still learned something from it. The power of love that could do anything and where the past is still a part of you but you could make it better on your present.

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