Hobby: Creative Planning

According to Merriam Dictionary the meaning of Planning is “the act or process of making a plan to achieve or do something.”  Using a journal or jotting down your plans into your planner is one way to plan your activities but taking up to the next level is called Creative Planning. So what is Creative Planning? It is the way where you put an effort on your planner by having a personal touch like designs such as stickers and washi tapes. It is one of the most popular hobbies as of now because it gives a different feeling and accomplishment as you did a specific page on your planner. You can try different styles like black and white, fairy theme, unicorn ones, gold ones or anything you wanted that makes it a very nice hobby since a lot of shops have been offering a lot of themed stickers for you planners but if you preferred to do DIYs on your planner, it is still okay as long as you are using your planner. Remember the best planner is the one that is functional!

So how did I end up with this hobby? As what I had said on my post about the PCPH Meet-up, I got into Creative Planning  when I am searching some DIYs and stuffs on Instagram. I discovered washi tapes and then the Planner Community. I really enjoy this kind of hobby since it gives me a relaxation and break from my stressful 5th year College life. Seriously, it was stressing me out but just by having a hobby can make a difference. It will keep your mind into a different phase and stuffs for a moment.

So what are the basics of Creative Planning or what are the things that you needed when you are in this hobby?

First of, you need a planner and a pen. It is not important on what brand it is as long as you use it. There are actually different types of planner, a ring bound planner, disc types and hard bounds. For the size, it really depends on you. If you prefer on the go planners, you should use personal size ones or pocket ones but if you really like designing on bigger space, you need the A4 ones or large size planners.

Her are some of the sizes:


Then the design is actually up to you. You could write down first your plans on a paper so you could see whether you need to minimize or maximize your designs. You could use washi tapes, stamps, markers, themed stickers, ordinary stickers, card stocks or any material that you have. There is no restriction on your type of design since your the one who owns the planner! Do anything that you wanted and express yourself.

If you will ask me on how I feel in this kind of hobby, I will say that it is really addicting. You will always have a way on how you will design every week’s page on a different theme. Don’t worry if you haves seen others with beautiful designs ones. When I am skimming the pages on my planner and seeing my old IG post, it really made an improvement on how I design now. It takes time of course and passion to achieve the thing that you wanted. It is not important on how expensive the tools or the things to make it a great piece of work. You could do mix and match or try different kinds of styles. Of course you should not forget to have fun while doing this!


What’s my other story? As you know, I’ve been a fan of Anime and started collecting stuffed toys then I got into books. After some time, I started the hobby of Creative Planning this year 2016 of April. You can follow me on my Planner Instagram account ! My username is @crafty.yell.

What’s the planner that I am using? I am actually using an unbranded personal sized planner that I bought from Pandayan Bookshop for about Php 200  or $ 4 only. I just added the sticker on the front cover. (Recollections Bohemian Rub-on Stickers)


I am also using a passport size catdori from TheCatbx 

Catdori – @thecatbx,  Charm –  @craftedbyqkc



What’s my style? I don’t have specific style but I prefer pink ones and pastel ones. Though sometimes it depends on my mood!

All pictures below are examples of my style! See more on my IG account @crafty.yell.

Catdori from the @thecatbx


Stickers: @keenaprints @functionstickers @craftsdelight
Tassel: @ddecoartph
Gold Clip: @craftylaneph
Doily: @hazelheartcrafts

Mermaid Sticker –  @folklorephprints, Week Stickers – @functionstickers




Shops Tagged:

@keenaprints @functionstickers @craftsdelight @ddecoartph @craftedbyqkc 

@folklorephprints @hazelheartscrafts @thecatbx

My First Works: 


Drawn and Illustrated by me:

I also did some personal designs like this one. I did and draw this using Adobe Photoshop. I think, I’ll share this printable soon if you wanted it!


My latest one:

Using @keenaprints stickers!

It is not just planning what I enjoyed but also collecting washis and stamps! Here are some of my stuffs.

I got these from National Book Store! Clips – Php 129, Butterfly Stamp – Php 65, Secret Garden Stamp – Php 65, Rosie’s Acrylic Stamping Block – Php 175, Rosie’s Stamp Php 129


I got these fro Expressions for only Php 50 each!
My collection of washi tapes from various shops!

What does my working table look like?

It looks a little childish one for the one whose going to be a twenty year old lady but who cares? (laughs)


My most memorable experience with this hobby? The PCPH meet-up since it is my first event related to it. I’ve met a lot of people there and it was so much fun! Read my blog here about the event. Unluckily there was an event about Planners just this month, it is a grand meet! I am still sulking whenever I see post related to it. Sigh!


That’s all for now! Just remember to enjoy and have fun! It is important and of course make your planner functional!

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Crafty Friday: DIY Bookmark, Beastly Book and Movie Inspired

DIY’s are always fun to do especially when you wanted something to have your signature style on a specific thing you wanted to do. So last week, I finished the book Beastly by Alex Flinn and the movie adaptation of it with the same title so I decided to do a bookmark. (Book Review here) You could do your own bookmark to with just few materials.


Thing you will need:

Paper or Cardboard




Colored Paper (If you wanted)

Coloring Materials (If you wanted)

Washi Tapes





Prepare the paper or cardboard. Cut it according to any size you wanted in portrait. I used 6.2″ x 2.8″ on mine and the paper that I used is a Kraft paper.

IMG_20160901_234016 You could use washi tapes, colored paper, coloring materials or any other medium that you wanted to decorate your bookmark. I used washi tapes since it is more easier and faster to use plus it instantly gives color to the paper. I prefer taping it sideways since the effect of it is kind of cute for me. You could try any design, just mix and match it.



You could use stickers and other decals to add more design to your bookmark. Here, I used a rose since it is one of the main thing you could see on the Beastly. If you don’t have stickers, you could use magazines and cut the images that’s fit on your work.IMG_20160901_234251

Using marker, write your favorite quote from the book you wanted. (I actually used a calligraphy pen on this but I am still learning on how to use it so it ended up this way.)IMG_20160901_234341

Make a hole on the upper middle part of the bookmark and add yarn to it.



Just add some finishing touches and Viola! Your DIY Bookmark is done! Here’s my final product. What do you think?



You could try different sizes and shapes. Everything is up to you since it is your bookmark. You could do it for yourself or gave it to your friend. So what quote from a movie or book will you put on your bookmark? Let me know! Don’t afraid to comment!

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Event: Park Fest

Park Fest, a weekend festival showcasing local arts and crafts, was held in Nayong Pilipino last May 28- 29, an event where Local Filipino Artists gather to feature their works in renovating the Nayong Pilipino which is located in Rizal Ave, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

This was an event created for art enthusiasts where artists gave Nayong Pilipino a breath of fresh air with their inspiring artworks.


Here are some of the photos I took during the event!




At the entrance you will be welcomed by this signs made from thin metal sheets that we mostly see on Philippine Jeepneys. 










You will also be welcomed by a trellis of flowers.







There was also a board where you could leave a mark that you had attended the event. (Can you see my name? It’s small though but still my name is there!)







Shameless picture of me at the “I was Here” Board.








Higantes that we mostly see in Higantes Festival.















They also have a booth there at the event were they sell stuffs that were crafted or made by our Filipino Artists and here was my loot!






Over all, I really enjoyed this event. Hoping that more events will come that promotes Art and Culture of the Philippines.

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Art & Stuffs: Petal Skirt


I don’t draw a lot since it’s not much on my course. We mostly draw using Autocad and most of it are related to Engineering.

Whenever I have free time, I try to draw something that came into my mind. I’m not really good in this stuff but it do helps me to relax from a load of stress that I got from school.

So here’s some of my work using Faber Castell color pencil. (I’m not good in coloring too though.)

Why don’t you add some little bit of creativity on your drawing? So I just picked a flower from our backyard and made this a skirt for my girl drawing. What do you think? Hmmm. Here’s another one of my work:


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