Review: Deadpool



Title: Deadpool

Rating: 3 and half


My friends and I decided to watch this movie. This is really not my type of movie since I’m more in The Choice, Dear John, The Vow and other Romance Genre.

“Uy nood tayo ng Deadpool!”, my friend said to us.

I immediately searched it in the Internet and found this guy…


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So my initial reaction after seeing his picture is that, “Looks like Spider man, oh a hero!” I didn’t know much about Deadpool and my friend says that he is actually in a comic and not much of a hero. You can see it here, Origins of Deadpool.



Reactions and Review


I really find this movie a funny one because of the way Deadpool speaks to the audience.

Deadpool: Oh, hello there! I bet you’re wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed! (IMDB)

You could read more Deadpool Movie Quotes here.


Deadpool. Deadpool. As what every other super hero have is the problem with their costumes. Same as Deadpool, he have various experiences with his costumes before he arrived with that color red costume.


What I also like in this film are the funny moments of Deadpool. Here are some of my favorite:

  1. Adventure Time Watch- That moment when a bad ass guy rode in a taxi and then have a watch like this? Could you imagine that? (Laughs) well, I’m actually jealous of him since he have this  Adventure Time Watch.Deadpool-7

(c) cdn3

  1. Hello Kitty Bag pack- Isn’t he cool with his bagpack? (laughs)



  1. “Hey, Francis!”


(c) rexjameson


I really laugh on the part where he literally spells Francis names with the use of the corpse! Too bad that I couldn’t find any pictures of this bad I know that you know it because you already watch it but if you don’t you have to watch the movie for yourself. 

  1. AJAX- Code name! Code name! Haha


(c) imgur


There are many funny scenes in the movie but what I included above are my favorite ones. You could read more funny moments of Deadpool here.

So, I decided to make a review and do research with Deadpool and found this article, After Less Than Two Weeks, Deadpool Is Already The Biggest X-Men Movie Ever.

As of February 22, Deadpool has grossed almost $236 million in the United States, according to Box Office Mojo. During its entire run, the previous #1 X-film, X-Men: The Last Stand, grossed just over $234 million.

Could you believe it? They actually thought that it wouldn’t made money but this movie is expected to gross more!

There’s no overstating how impressive this is on almost every level. The R-rating, the budget concerns, the release date, everything. Plus, it’s not like the other X-Men movies were bombs. Even the lowest grossing one, 2013’s The Wolverine, did about $133 million domestically and is getting a sequel. Deadpoolalmost matched that amount in its first three days. To stand on top of a mountain that contains movies like X2, First Class, and Days of Future Past, is a fate 20th Century Fox probably couldn’t have guessed would happen in the entire life of the film. Let alone its first two weekends. Deadpool is the new king of the X-Men.


For some good news, there’s already been a plan for the upcoming sequel! (Read more.)



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I remembered that we need the guard on the movie booth to look for our Certificate of Registration so that he can ensure that we’re 16 and above.  Maybe this is a R rated movie but somewhat Deadpool have some innocence in him despite of his bad ass appearance and attitude… The toys, being childish and his drawing…. but somewhat there’s something in him that touch our hearts. Deadpool, you are always in our hearts.

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Review: Lazada Online Shopping

lazada_logo.pngShop: Lazada

Rating: 3 star

I’ve been an Online Seller and Shopper, I enjoy buying things in just click because it made shopping more easier.

I placed my order last November 11, 2015 and the package is supposed to arrive on November 14-15 but my package arrived by November 16 due to some circumstances.

There are many items to choose from Lazada but I admit that some of the items were overpriced compared to the local market. So I suggest you to subscribe to their newsletter because it will keep you updated from the sale and the coupons available.

I remember that I placed it on 11.11 and the coupon I got was 200 pesos off from your 400 pesos and above transactions. I think that was their greatest sale ever since I got 2 pieces of bookmark and a Swap (Tomato) watch with journal at a very low price.



Interface of the Online Shop


I find it user friendly and easy to use but one thing that bothers me is that when you go to the cart it transfers you to another page.  I think it would be more easier if it is a pop window so you can view your cart even when you are choosing from the items.

Payment Options


What I like about Lazada is that they have a lot of payment options to choose from: Credit Cards, HelloPay, Paypal and of course my favorite is the cash on delivery.

Shipping Fee


I find the shipping fee cheap and affordable. It only takes about 99 pesos to ship it to Bulacan.

Tracking of the Package


You can see here the status of your package. I find it very helpful.

Packaging and others


It is tightly wrapped with their bag but the box of the item that I got where not good. I liked that they got a list or receipt for all the items that you bought plus they will also give you a return slip if ever there’s a problem with your items. It is super organized.

Customer Service

So what I have said is that I placed my order last November 11, 2015 and the package is supposed to arrive on November 14-15. So I got a notification from the Lazada and the delivery guy that my package will arrive (November 14). I replied to the delivery guy the location of our house  but I waited all day and I got no response after that. I contact Lazada Customer Service via E-mail and thankfully I got a response in just hours saying that they will rescheduled it due to some circumstances. So I waited and just a little bit disappointed that my package arrived by November 16 around 8pm but of course my anger and disappointment turns into happiness when I got my package.

What is my rating to Lazada?

3 out of 5 starts because of the delays but I will still recommend this to the shoppers because I find the payment option helpful for as a student like me who still haven’t got a credit card and you will no longer pay for additional charges from money transfer.

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Review: That Twisted Love Story by Pilosopotasya



Title: That Twisted Love Story

Writer/Author: Pilosopotasya

Genre: Fantasy, Death, Life, Love, Tragic

Status: Completed

“If you ever thought that you already have that perfect love story you’ve always dreamed of, think again. Everything in this world is not what it seems to be. Everything’s twisted-including your story.”

A work of Pilosopotasya. A story that is worth reading for.

Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers.

I’m really fond of tragic stories. I didn’t expect it at first that it was a tragic story. I thought it was just a typical old story, the part of Lyle and Ces, and I was wrong. It was a twisted story. So much drama in every chapter that you will say “No! Wag sanang matapos to.” But how much amazing every plot is, every story needs to come to an end and it was really depressing. Depressing in a good way I guess.

If you have already read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky maybe you are familiar with this quote:

“Try to be a filter, not a sponge.”

What do I mean by quoting this? I was amaze on how you write the story. Every author wrote a story for a purpose. A purpose to make them laugh, cry and so on… Some of your readers maybe cried or hated you for making the ending like that… But your story was different. Maybe some readers hated it but for some readers it was a really great ending. It was what reality is, the reality that a single decision can change one’s life. Just like what have happened to Ces… Her decision made her to lead into that tragic ending. She regretted it but it was too late, too late to realise her stupid mistake.

This story made me realise that we should think twice before making a decision. Think the possible consequences first or else we could live in regrets.

I remember what Boss said during the last chapters. He said, “Ang mga tao talaga ang daling maniwala.” And that made me say, “Ay. Oo nga.” This is people’s nature. We are blinded on things and forgot to look them closely.

People are like sponges. They absorb and absorb anything. People should be more like a filter. Be a filter and understand every detail.

This story shows human nature. Selfless, Selfishness, Love, Pain, Anger, Revenge and other more emotion that really moved our heart.

I was amaze on how Pilosopotasya wrote this. This was not just a typical old love story. It was as twisted love story.


During the first few chapters you would say that, “Ang cliché nito.” Why? The Casanova who fell in love with a Nerd and The Nerd transformation will make you think that this story was a typical love story but as the chapters go on you will felt the heaviness of the story.

It’s not just the boy dumped him and a prince came to save her then she moved on and so on… The story goes more on SACRIFICING; Ces sacrificed and made a deal with Boss.

That was actually surprising from a super cliché story to a deeper one.

What I like from the story:

~ The Characters really represent people’s nature

Ash- Selfishness

Boss- Playful and No Mercy

Ces- Impulsive decisions, Selfless and Regret

Erich – Jealousy and the Antagonist

Keng- Being true to her self

Lily- Love for her brother

Lyle- Selfishness

Lyric- Love and

Marky- Early Pregnancy

Melo- Brother Romance

Note- Happy go lucky

Pitch- Serious Type

~ The story behind every character.

The story behind Manager Lily, Pitch, Lyric, Note, Melo, Ash and other characters were well made.


Pilosopotasya gave us a break on the heavy chapters. The true name of the members of MyuSick, The corny jokes of Note and last but not the least the funny tweets of @ulaaann (Pilosopotasya). Haha

~ There is a lesson you could get in the story.

Learn from your mistakes.

Think twice before you made a decision.

And other more lessons you will get in the story of Ces and other characters.

~ The Facts Pilosopotasya made

The D-Get, The Contract, How Boss manipulate and other more terms were sugoi!

~ The use of music to lighten up the mood of the story.


I thought at first that Note, Lyric, Pitch and Melo were underlings of Boss. Since at first part of the story they always appears when Ces was in trouble.

On the last part of the story as the mysteries unfold… It was said that memories of Ces was erased but not from Lyric, right? But is the memory of Ces from Manager Lily got erased too?

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