Event: PCPH Planner Party 2016

I am a girl who loves to do and create things. I do DIYs and any form that has something to do with creativity. YouTube and Pinterest has been my inspiration for having so many ideas and tutorials. Social media has affected our lives and for me, after joining Instagram, I actually discovered more ideas and communities that I had interest on. At first, I just posted DIY photos but after searching more related photos about it, I saw these decorative tapes which I found out to be called as washi tapes. After discovering these washi tapes, other other photos linked was the #planning and that is the story on how I discovered the Planner Community. I did a separate Instagram Account with the username @crafty.yell to post more photos related to the planner stuffs. I had joined several groups on Facebook and one of them is the Planner Community Philippines (PCPH). They actually held an event just last week of Saturday (September 17, 2016) and I was so lucky to be a part of their September Planner Party.

The event take place in the Proudcloud HQ in Economia Street, Bagumbayan Quezon City. A lot of planner pals and shops were gathered for the sake of Planning! The ambiance was too much too take because of all the planner goodies and people with the same passion about Planning is there. Isn’t it so much fun? They do giveaways, shared tips and host games for the attendees!

In one of the games, we are divided into groups (My group mates were Ate Dheth, Ate C.M, Ate Toni P. and Ate Toni V.) and we were told to do an impromptu planner spread with just the resources that we have. It was actually a bit of rush since we were only given just few minutes to do it. We had a lot of ideas on our head and ended up having a week spread inspired with Animals and Gold.


(c) Eraizza Bautista Reyes




For the Planning Tips Session, Ms. Eraizza gave some tips for designing our planner spreads. Some of what I remember are:

1. Try focusing on one or a specific theme like if it is mermaids, use some materials such as stickers, stamps or any other resources that have a touch of the theme.
2. You could picture the work you have done and by doing that you could see clearly the modifications you wanted to do such as adding or re-positioning stickers depending on what you wanted it to be.
3. You could use Foam Board when you are taking a picture and it is recommended to take pictures on sunlight around 7 or 8 AM in the morning since the lightning is a way more clearer and brighter during that time.
Here is the planner stack that we have.





(c) The Paper Junkie


Time for a group photo!


(c) Aileen Desipeda



Here are the goodies that I got from the #PCPHPlannerParty2016:
I actually got the Early Bird Prize so I got this sticker sheet and washi tape.



I also won on the Bring Me Game and got these decorative tape.



In the giveaways, I won these stamps and notepads.



We also got an exchange gift and here is what I got.



My sticker haul:



Goodies from Ate C.M and Ate Toni (Thank you!):



Last but not the least is the loot box we got! I enjoy and love everything that were included in it.

I don’t have the picture of the box since I already opened it on the bus terminal. (Sigh!) I am just too excited…



(c) Joan Garcia



I really enjoy my first planner party! I was a bit hesitant on attending since it was a little far from Bulacan but it will be a waste for not attending it so I save up some money for my transportation. It’s a great experience since it was my first ever commuting and riding experience on a bus alone just by myself! So hooray for that! I am looking forward for more gatherings like this one and I want to thank the organizers and sponsors who made this event possible. I also want to thank my group mates Ate Dheth, Ate C.M, Ate Toni P. and Ate Toni V.. It was really fun and unforgettable experience!


See my Rice ball Printable Sticker Sheet

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My week spread using the goodies I got from the event:



Using the charm from the PCPH Party on my Catdori.







Event: Park Fest

Park Fest, a weekend festival showcasing local arts and crafts, was held in Nayong Pilipino last May 28- 29, an event where Local Filipino Artists gather to feature their works in renovating the Nayong Pilipino which is located in Rizal Ave, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

This was an event created for art enthusiasts where artists gave Nayong Pilipino a breath of fresh air with their inspiring artworks.


Here are some of the photos I took during the event!




At the entrance you will be welcomed by this signs made from thin metal sheets that we mostly see on Philippine Jeepneys. 










You will also be welcomed by a trellis of flowers.







There was also a board where you could leave a mark that you had attended the event. (Can you see my name? It’s small though but still my name is there!)







Shameless picture of me at the “I was Here” Board.








Higantes that we mostly see in Higantes Festival.















They also have a booth there at the event were they sell stuffs that were crafted or made by our Filipino Artists and here was my loot!






Over all, I really enjoyed this event. Hoping that more events will come that promotes Art and Culture of the Philippines.

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