Review: That Twisted Love Story by Pilosopotasya



Title: That Twisted Love Story

Writer/Author: Pilosopotasya

Genre: Fantasy, Death, Life, Love, Tragic

Status: Completed

“If you ever thought that you already have that perfect love story you’ve always dreamed of, think again. Everything in this world is not what it seems to be. Everything’s twisted-including your story.”

A work of Pilosopotasya. A story that is worth reading for.

Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers.

I’m really fond of tragic stories. I didn’t expect it at first that it was a tragic story. I thought it was just a typical old story, the part of Lyle and Ces, and I was wrong. It was a twisted story. So much drama in every chapter that you will say “No! Wag sanang matapos to.” But how much amazing every plot is, every story needs to come to an end and it was really depressing. Depressing in a good way I guess.

If you have already read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky maybe you are familiar with this quote:

“Try to be a filter, not a sponge.”

What do I mean by quoting this? I was amaze on how you write the story. Every author wrote a story for a purpose. A purpose to make them laugh, cry and so on… Some of your readers maybe cried or hated you for making the ending like that… But your story was different. Maybe some readers hated it but for some readers it was a really great ending. It was what reality is, the reality that a single decision can change one’s life. Just like what have happened to Ces… Her decision made her to lead into that tragic ending. She regretted it but it was too late, too late to realise her stupid mistake.

This story made me realise that we should think twice before making a decision. Think the possible consequences first or else we could live in regrets.

I remember what Boss said during the last chapters. He said, “Ang mga tao talaga ang daling maniwala.” And that made me say, “Ay. Oo nga.” This is people’s nature. We are blinded on things and forgot to look them closely.

People are like sponges. They absorb and absorb anything. People should be more like a filter. Be a filter and understand every detail.

This story shows human nature. Selfless, Selfishness, Love, Pain, Anger, Revenge and other more emotion that really moved our heart.

I was amaze on how Pilosopotasya wrote this. This was not just a typical old love story. It was as twisted love story.


During the first few chapters you would say that, “Ang cliché nito.” Why? The Casanova who fell in love with a Nerd and The Nerd transformation will make you think that this story was a typical love story but as the chapters go on you will felt the heaviness of the story.

It’s not just the boy dumped him and a prince came to save her then she moved on and so on… The story goes more on SACRIFICING; Ces sacrificed and made a deal with Boss.

That was actually surprising from a super cliché story to a deeper one.

What I like from the story:

~ The Characters really represent people’s nature

Ash- Selfishness

Boss- Playful and No Mercy

Ces- Impulsive decisions, Selfless and Regret

Erich – Jealousy and the Antagonist

Keng- Being true to her self

Lily- Love for her brother

Lyle- Selfishness

Lyric- Love and

Marky- Early Pregnancy

Melo- Brother Romance

Note- Happy go lucky

Pitch- Serious Type

~ The story behind every character.

The story behind Manager Lily, Pitch, Lyric, Note, Melo, Ash and other characters were well made.


Pilosopotasya gave us a break on the heavy chapters. The true name of the members of MyuSick, The corny jokes of Note and last but not the least the funny tweets of @ulaaann (Pilosopotasya). Haha

~ There is a lesson you could get in the story.

Learn from your mistakes.

Think twice before you made a decision.

And other more lessons you will get in the story of Ces and other characters.

~ The Facts Pilosopotasya made

The D-Get, The Contract, How Boss manipulate and other more terms were sugoi!

~ The use of music to lighten up the mood of the story.


I thought at first that Note, Lyric, Pitch and Melo were underlings of Boss. Since at first part of the story they always appears when Ces was in trouble.

On the last part of the story as the mysteries unfold… It was said that memories of Ces was erased but not from Lyric, right? But is the memory of Ces from Manager Lily got erased too?

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Review: She Who Stole Cupid’s Arrow by Alylooney


Title: She Who Stole Cupid’s Arrow

Writer: Alyloony

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Fiction

Status: Completed

A different kind of fantasy story. Fond of Greek God and Goddesses? Having a one sided love.. To the point that one will stole Cupid’s arrow? That is Jillian’ story. I will not spoil you anymore. You’ll definitely love this story. You should check this out and add to your reading list.


Warning: The following review may contain spoilers.

Funny. Dramatic. Romantic. Inspirational

These are the words that comes into my mind after reading and waiting for the update of this story. This is one of my favorite fantasy story that have a good plots, unexpected characters and other more stuffs that will make you hooked after reading the updates that will make you want for more.

At first I thought that it would be another cliché story of using a genre with Greek Goddesses and  the stuff about Luke but I was wrong. As I waited patiently (Not so patient Laughs Like I was like this: “Wah? Is that all? Bitin, kinikilig na ako eh!”) for the updates the story gets more and more interesting.

One broken girl named “Jillian” who is so desperate to make the person she love to love her?

A cliché problem in most of the stories, right?

But the thing is the story revolves with the genre “Fantasy” that makes the story more exciting.

How will Jillian made this thing happen?

Buy beautiful dress and a make over? For Jillian, she stole Cupid’s Arrow to make it possible but things didn’t went right that it made the situation more complicated and led Jillian into a place where she needs to make things right by being the living arrow of Cupid.

This story made me cry, laugh and feel the magic of love. Another work of Alyloony that made the Philippine Literature to be proud of. I’ am actually a fan of Foreign Authors (J. Green, J. Picoult, R. Rowell and etc.) and I read a lot of works from them. The thing is that we should read stories from our local authors because their works are truly amazing


What I like from the story:


~ The Characters 

Jillian- The thought that comes into my mind for her character is the number one nature people that we tend to make things that are unexpected. She got the craziest idea of stealing Cupid’s arrow to solve his heart broken problem that she got from Luke.  As I read Jillian’s POVs, I don’t know but sometimes you could feel the pain that she is having… Like when she was being an arrow to connect the fate of Luke and Elise. Like it is so martyr for her to be a matchmaker for the one she love where she have to match him with other person who is not her? One more is when Cupid said that it was not her that is matched for West… How many times did her heart got broken? Still…. She stands up and in the end even though she didn’t remember anything , it proves that when you truly like one thing.. It may not be an easy ride but in the end.. All the pain and hardships are worth it.

Cupid-  I actually hated him at first because I thought that he really planned to make Jillian’s life miserable but after the truths and revelations unfold.. I understand him because he had reasons for it.  What more amazing about him is the love for his wife Psyche. On the last part, I was truly driven to him when he save his wife and felt so sorry for not protecting his wife completely that Psyche got a small cut on her cheek. He really represents love, ugh how romantic he is!

Ayesha- For Ayesha? The selfishness that people have when it comes to the thing we wanted. She is so selfish that she hold a grudge for being not with Zyron. She fought for the wrong reason that made her in the sad ending in the end.

West- I always had a vision of him being a boy next door type? Don’t know if it is the same vision for you.. laughs  But the personality that he has was actually popular to the girls that made him so adorable especially when his ear turns into red. #TeamKanluran In serious part, I was actually like “WTH” after the reading the update when he blocked Jillian and died. Like, “Wah? WEEEEEST?” and I’ am literally crying for all the drama this story have but I’am really happy for him and Jillian at the ending that they are truly destined for each other.

Zyron- My next crush next to West. Arrogant and cool type person? Hmm. The brother vs. brother battle for Jillian is to much but when I found out that Zyron had business with Ayesha that he made things to make Jillian fall in love with him? Everyone has a reason why they do such things and I do understand him. It really and totally broke my heart when he sacrificed himself to bring back West. He was a really good brother and I do miss him!

Edgar- Laughs Laughssohard Laughswithacough* I can’t get over with Edgar… not that it sound chessy but he was so funny! Edgar thought me how life is so unfair! Hahahahaha but he also thought me that everyone of us deserves to be happy. So we do still have a hope! Si Edgar na nagkalovelife, eh ikaw pa kaya? Haha

Some characters are not mentioned

~ The Truths and Revelations

There is so much of surprises and revelations like the time when it was said that Jillian is a Goddess, Zyron’s Confession and other more stuffs.

~ Unexpected Plots

When I actually thought that Cupid was the bad guy but it turned out that I was wrong. The last chapters truly turned the events upside down in a good way.


Edgar. Edgar. I laughed so many times whenever he was on the update. Laughs

Will he get his own story too? Haha

~ There is a lesson you could get in the story.

In life, the ride is not always gonna be an easy ride. Such things may happen.. but always remember that things will get get better, maybe not today but soon.

~ The Fantasy

Like the arrow, the pendant and the Greek Mythology.


*When Jillian was so drunk that she teleport to West’s condo. I don’t know but that scene is one of my favorite, the resisting of West and the craziness that Jillian have when she is drunk.

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