[Spiritual Thursday]: We are the Light of the World

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.”- Matthew 5:14


The Church is a city on a hill that everybody can see. A dwelling place for truth and fraternity. Church and Christians are light that cannot be reduced, diluted or be confused in any nature. Christianity is a light to the people to be able to see and feel the presence of the Lord.

The use of light throughout the verse shows some points. Being a light is much more than we could think of and this what the verse of Matthew 5:14 shows me:

1. Light gives brightness to darkness.
We could say that our life is in darkness until you met God with all your heart and soul. Try to imagine yourself walking in darkness. Isn’t it hard? There’s no hope and no light to guide us. You don’t know if there’s a wall you could lean on or if there’s a cliff that’s just a few centimeters away and at any moment you’ll end up on a great fall. God and the church are the light that pulls us from the darkness we have been but as one truly knows and understand of His grace and mercy will only receive this kind of enlightenment. We are like blind people who had seen for the first time. An exciting and thrilling moment that you will always remember since this made you clearly see what’s on your surroundings – a clearer and brighter path.

2. Light is there to be seen.
Have you ever known someone who put a light, maybe a candle, flashlight or any source of light, under a table or anywhere you couldn’t see it? We didn’t put any kind of light under a table or inside a box to hide this but it meant to be seen and be acknowledged. Light is there to be scattered and has its fullness to light the whole place. We must have this kind of trait that have the kindness and holiness in us must be seen and influence others. We should be a light that could light up others too.

3. Light couldn’t be hidden
It means that light is not just a thing that could be passed or ignored. When you see a light, you could always say it on your mind that it is a light. We should be like the light that is recognizable anywhere and at any circumstances that we have, recognizable in a way that we are His children. Nothing can stop you from being on His presence that all you have been doing and traits you have can always be seen with God’s grace.
We may have darkness on our soul and heart but the Word of God penetrates all of it with His inescapable light. All we have to do is to have faith on Him and trust His will.








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