Bookish Saturday [Book Review]: Beastly by Alex Flinn

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BeastlyTitle : Beastly

Author: Alex Flinn

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fiction, Fairy Tale

Rating: 3 and half

Beastly is a novel written by Alex Flinn. It is a different touch on our old time favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Who says beast can only be found in fairy tales? The setting happens in New York City with the main protagonist named Kyle Kingsbury. He’s a guy who has perfect looks, the fame, the money and anything you could think of but everything changes when he did something to the witch. He’s perfect life went upside down as he become a beast.

Seriously, I actually made a mistake reading the Beastly Lindy’s Diary first before the Beastly. I had some problems understanding the whole story of Beastly Lindy’s Diary since it was just a part of the main book which I only noticed after reading the whole of it.

Here’s the thing, Beastly is kind of a different twist on our classic fairy tale and one may not stop comparing the two of them but truthfully, the novel gives a little up-size on bringing it to the modern world with the use of other materials that added some appeal to the whole story. My only concern is that, I just found it a little bit on the stereotype mode since everything seems like to be plotted from the very beginning but despite of it, I still enjoyed the book and the characters.


Detailed Review:

  • Does the Title intrigue me or interests me

The title gives you an idea on what the story is all about so it’s kind of good.


  • Did I agree on some point of views on it?

Some. The transformation of Kyle to the new point of view of being a Beast is agreeable on some part. You can see the shift and difference as the story goes on.


  • Author’s style used in the book.

The spin off on our classical fairy tale was quite good but as what I had said, I found it on the stereotype mode where like everything seems to be plotted on the very beginning of it.


  • If the language or style used is convincing to define the character.

Sort of… You could feel or see who they really are. The storytelling of Kyle here is quite good and really defines him by the way he speaks and react to things.


  • If the characters were represented as what the story suggest.

I think so… Yes, they are.


  • If the ideas and concepts are clear.

Yes. Everything is laid in front of the reader.


  • Physical appearance of the book. (Cover, binding, layout format etc.)

It think the book cover is so creative! Love the rose stem that is formed by the letter “Y”.


  • If it successful in its goal or purpose of the story. (If it made me cry, laugh, inspired or the emotion that one should feel on the book

The story actually made me wonder because it’s kind of different from its modern touch. Seriously, I don’t know how to feel about the book. It lacks on this part since it doesn’t have much intense scenes and drama but still this book thought be different things so I guess it’s fine.


  • Favorite part of the story.

The chat group part was my favorite! It’s kind of funny and it gives a modern twist to the classic fairy tales.


  • What I don’t like from the story.

The lack of moments and scenes. The story was a little bit shallow.


  • Favorite Quote in the book.

“Just because something is beautiful doesn´t mean it´s good.”
Alex Flinn, Beastly

Of all the classic fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast is one of the tale I haven’t knew well. I read the story but I actually haven’t watched the whole film of it, so the novel Beastly made me quite hooked because of it. I am curious on how it will give a twist and touch. The whole idea of it was good but it lacks on some part but the book is still fun to read.

Beastly is actually a series but I just read the first and the Beastly Lindy’s Diary. Here are the other ones which are included in the series.

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I also did a bookmark you can view it here.


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