Crafty Friday: DIY Bookmark, Beastly Book and Movie Inspired

DIY’s are always fun to do especially when you wanted something to have your signature style on a specific thing you wanted to do. So last week, I finished the book Beastly by Alex Flinn and the movie adaptation of it with the same title so I decided to do a bookmark. (Book Review here) You could do your own bookmark to with just few materials.


Thing you will need:

Paper or Cardboard




Colored Paper (If you wanted)

Coloring Materials (If you wanted)

Washi Tapes





Prepare the paper or cardboard. Cut it according to any size you wanted in portrait. I used 6.2″ x 2.8″ on mine and the paper that I used is a Kraft paper.

IMG_20160901_234016 You could use washi tapes, colored paper, coloring materials or any other medium that you wanted to decorate your bookmark. I used washi tapes since it is more easier and faster to use plus it instantly gives color to the paper. I prefer taping it sideways since the effect of it is kind of cute for me. You could try any design, just mix and match it.



You could use stickers and other decals to add more design to your bookmark. Here, I used a rose since it is one of the main thing you could see on the Beastly. If you don’t have stickers, you could use magazines and cut the images that’s fit on your work.IMG_20160901_234251

Using marker, write your favorite quote from the book you wanted. (I actually used a calligraphy pen on this but I am still learning on how to use it so it ended up this way.)IMG_20160901_234341

Make a hole on the upper middle part of the bookmark and add yarn to it.



Just add some finishing touches and Viola! Your DIY Bookmark is done! Here’s my final product. What do you think?



You could try different sizes and shapes. Everything is up to you since it is your bookmark. You could do it for yourself or gave it to your friend. So what quote from a movie or book will you put on your bookmark? Let me know! Don’t afraid to comment!

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