Poetry: Starry Night by Yell Mae Nicolas


Look aloft, It is a starry starry night

You and I covered by the moonlight

Reaching for the brightest star tonight

Yearning for my deepest hopes to come

As i caught a glimpse of you next to me

It is making me so hard to breathe

I held my hands up high on the sky

Billions of stars shinning so brightly

They seem so near that I could touch them by my hands

But just like us, so close but yet so far away

Will we ever be connected like the constellations above?

Because it is making me so hard to believe

Will a wish on a shooting star can make this true?

Because it feels so unreal

I just want to be out of this unending labyrinth

I close my eyes and I drift away into the starry night

Like dreamers do, I fall asleep to my dreams of you

Hoping that this feelings fade as the sky turns into dawn

-Yell Mae Nicolas

 All Rights  Reserved. This is an original work of Yell Mae Nicolas.

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