Poetry: Lonely as a Knight by Yell Mae Nicolas

Let me tell you a story

You have nothing to worry

There is no need to hurry

Lend me your ears for I’m about to begin

Like all old stories it all begins with “Once upon a time”

I will just tell you once

It is not a story for the prince

But the story of the Knight

The one who was always left behind

The one who was always the second choice

The one who was always receives the pain

There was a damsel in distress

The one who was searching for her true love

The who can save her from all of her fears

There will come the prince who will rescues her

The one who was riding on his white horse and lives in his castle

But they will be separated by fate

Then the job for the knight is here to come

He will shield those fears from his armor

He will do anything

Just to make his damsel happy

Even though it takes his happiness away

For being not the one in the damsel’s heart

In the end the damsel and the prince will always be together and that was what Happily ever is

But this is not the story for the prince and the damsel

In a fairytale they always forgot the story of the knight

Always abandoned in the hopeless night

Oh the feeling of being a knight

When will he find his own story?

-Yell Mae Nicolas


All Rights Reserved. Original work of Yell Mae Nicolas

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