Poetry: Just Another Fan Girl by Yell Mae Nicolas

Staring you from afar

You just don’t know how you make my heart ajar

Your smile that shines like the sun in mid-summer

Makes my heart flutter

Your voice that sounds as a perfect note

Makes my day complete

I bought all your records

That I reached the limit of my credit cards

Every corner of my room has a picture of you

Every night I dream about you

I went in every concert of yours

Just to see you close

My mouth is full of your name

When I close my eyes, it still see you

We’re like bread and butter

Perfect to be together

Thinking that your also thinking of me

Makes me want to scream

But just like having an orange in an apple tree

It’s impossible

Because I’m just…..

another fan girl of yours

-Yell Mae Nicolas


All Rights Reserved. Original work of Yell Mae Nicolas.

yell sig


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