Event: Park Fest

Park Fest, a weekend festival showcasing local arts and crafts, was held in Nayong Pilipino last May 28- 29, an event where Local Filipino Artists gather to feature their works in renovating the Nayong Pilipino which is located in Rizal Ave, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

This was an event created for art enthusiasts where artists gave Nayong Pilipino a breath of fresh air with their inspiring artworks.


Here are some of the photos I took during the event!




At the entrance you will be welcomed by this signs made from thin metal sheets that we mostly see on Philippine Jeepneys. 










You will also be welcomed by a trellis of flowers.







There was also a board where you could leave a mark that you had attended the event. (Can you see my name? It’s small though but still my name is there!)







Shameless picture of me at the “I was Here” Board.








Higantes that we mostly see in Higantes Festival.















They also have a booth there at the event were they sell stuffs that were crafted or made by our Filipino Artists and here was my loot!






Over all, I really enjoyed this event. Hoping that more events will come that promotes Art and Culture of the Philippines.

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