Thoughts: One of the Darkest Chapters in the History of Philippines

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The name Ferdinand E. Marcos, who couldn’t forget that name?  If you search his name in in the Internet, you could find different hateful adjectives attached to his name. In, you could find Ferdinand Marcos biography and by just reading it- one could picture what kind of man he is during that days.

“Known for running a corrupt, undemocratic regime, Ferdinand Marcos was the president of the Philippines from 1966 to 1986.”

Ferdinand Marcos is elected as a President on December 30, 1965. People don’t know that this would be the start of the darkest chapter in the history of the Philippines.

December 30, 1965

Ferdinand E. Marcos is elected President of the Philippines. He defeated incumbent Diosdado Macapagal by a slim margin of 670,000 votes.

The 1969 elections was one of the most vicious and expensive Presidential campaigns in Philippine electoral history. Both candidates spend nearly 32 million pesos fo the campagin; at one point, even Imelda’s bethrothal and wedding rings have to be pawned. source: edsapeoplepower

Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr., during a September 13, 1972 privilege speech, exposed what was known as “Oplan Sagittarius.” The Senator said he had received a top-secret military plan given by Marcos himself to place Metro Manila and outlying areas under the control of the Philippine Constabulary as a prelude to Martial Law. source:

September 23, 1972 is the day that Marcos declared the Martial Law. That is the day that the people of the Philippines lost its freedom.


“FM Declares Martial Law”—the headline of the September 24, 1972 issue of the Sunday Express, which was the Sunday edition of Philippines Daily Express. The Daily Express was the only newspaper allowed to circulate upon the declaration of Martial Law –

In Proclamation No. 1081 you could see on how he handled the Philippines in his hands. In General Order No.1, “Marcos assumed all powers of the Government”- meaning that he has all the control over the government or more of  he became the government itself.

Marcos was also responsible for the closure of the private medias including the newspaper, magazines, radio-TV. He also takes over the public utilities, private aircraft and watercraft bearing in the Philippine Registry.

On the declaration of Martial Law several companies were closed such as public utilities (Meralco, PLDT, National Waterworks and Sewerage Company, PAL, PNR, Air Manila, Filipinas Orient Airways). Marcos also ordered to close media outlets (292 radio stations, 7 television stations, 11 weekly English magazines, 66 community newspapers, 7 major English daily newspapers, 1 English-Filipino daily newspaper, 3 Filipino daily newspapers, 1 daily newspaper, 4 Chinese daily newspapers). He also arrested senators and 8,000 individuals. The senators that were arrested were Benigno Aquino Jr.,  Jose Diokno, Ramon Mitra Jr. and Francisco Rodrigo and the 8,000 individuals are composed of students, journalists, delegates, labor leaders and few elite individuals. It is also reported that 12 security guards were killed. Could you imagine that this all happens in just one day?

But this doesn’t end here, those people who opposed to him received tortures such as electric shock, truth serum, beating, pistol w,hipping, water cure, strangulation, cigar and flat burns, pepper torture, animal treatment and other form of torture such as psychological and emotional torture.

These were just a glimpse of the days of Marcos Dictatorial Age but by just reading articles and stories from the people who experience it- you could feel how much the impact that they got during those times.


Thoughts from me:

Never Again, this thing should happen. “, this is what I said to myself after reading, watching and viewing pictures related to the Martial law. I actually adored Marcos back then because he is  a disciplinarian and how the economy rise from his reign but  all I knew back then were the good cover ups in this unforgivable crime that he did. I was blinded by the amazing facts that I forgot he got these by his iron fist hand. Social media is a great help for us, especially for the youngsters like me who really don’t know the real story of this past. 

We got the freedom we have due to the courage of the Filipinos who fight back and sacrificed their lives. “Filipinos are worth dying for.”, this is the famous line of Ninoy Aquino and we should prove that their sacrifice will not put into waste. Let’s use our freedom correctly and not excessively. Use your freedom to do things right and do your part as a Filipino. I’am just a young girl but I know that I can contribute just by electing the right leaders for our country- do research the goals of these leaders. Let’s not waste all the efforts they had made for us and for our country. 

One mistake has been done and let’s not add another one. Let’s do things, better this time.

“it is importantly to impart to the youth of our land the lessons learned from martial rule and the struggle to restore democracy, as our continuing legacy to all future generations of Filipinos,” Coloma said.- rappler

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