Review: Deadpool



Title: Deadpool

Rating: 3 and half


My friends and I decided to watch this movie. This is really not my type of movie since I’m more in The Choice, Dear John, The Vow and other Romance Genre.

“Uy nood tayo ng Deadpool!”, my friend said to us.

I immediately searched it in the Internet and found this guy…


(c) newsarama

So my initial reaction after seeing his picture is that, “Looks like Spider man, oh a hero!” I didn’t know much about Deadpool and my friend says that he is actually in a comic and not much of a hero. You can see it here, Origins of Deadpool.



Reactions and Review


I really find this movie a funny one because of the way Deadpool speaks to the audience.

Deadpool: Oh, hello there! I bet you’re wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed! (IMDB)

You could read more Deadpool Movie Quotes here.


Deadpool. Deadpool. As what every other super hero have is the problem with their costumes. Same as Deadpool, he have various experiences with his costumes before he arrived with that color red costume.


What I also like in this film are the funny moments of Deadpool. Here are some of my favorite:

  1. Adventure Time Watch- That moment when a bad ass guy rode in a taxi and then have a watch like this? Could you imagine that? (Laughs) well, I’m actually jealous of him since he have this  Adventure Time Watch.Deadpool-7

(c) cdn3

  1. Hello Kitty Bag pack- Isn’t he cool with his bagpack? (laughs)



  1. “Hey, Francis!”


(c) rexjameson


I really laugh on the part where he literally spells Francis names with the use of the corpse! Too bad that I couldn’t find any pictures of this bad I know that you know it because you already watch it but if you don’t you have to watch the movie for yourself. 

  1. AJAX- Code name! Code name! Haha


(c) imgur


There are many funny scenes in the movie but what I included above are my favorite ones. You could read more funny moments of Deadpool here.

So, I decided to make a review and do research with Deadpool and found this article, After Less Than Two Weeks, Deadpool Is Already The Biggest X-Men Movie Ever.

As of February 22, Deadpool has grossed almost $236 million in the United States, according to Box Office Mojo. During its entire run, the previous #1 X-film, X-Men: The Last Stand, grossed just over $234 million.

Could you believe it? They actually thought that it wouldn’t made money but this movie is expected to gross more!

There’s no overstating how impressive this is on almost every level. The R-rating, the budget concerns, the release date, everything. Plus, it’s not like the other X-Men movies were bombs. Even the lowest grossing one, 2013’s The Wolverine, did about $133 million domestically and is getting a sequel. Deadpoolalmost matched that amount in its first three days. To stand on top of a mountain that contains movies like X2, First Class, and Days of Future Past, is a fate 20th Century Fox probably couldn’t have guessed would happen in the entire life of the film. Let alone its first two weekends. Deadpool is the new king of the X-Men.


For some good news, there’s already been a plan for the upcoming sequel! (Read more.)



(c) static.srcdn

I remembered that we need the guard on the movie booth to look for our Certificate of Registration so that he can ensure that we’re 16 and above.  Maybe this is a R rated movie but somewhat Deadpool have some innocence in him despite of his bad ass appearance and attitude… The toys, being childish and his drawing…. but somewhat there’s something in him that touch our hearts. Deadpool, you are always in our hearts.

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