Diary: “I’m Okay.”

Two words, thousand meanings.

I may say “I’m okay” but probably I’m not. For me these two words are very confusing. You may say you’re okay even though you’re not or maybe there’s a chance that one’s just too lazy to answer and said “I’m okay” just to end the conversation.

I’ve been down these fast few days but somewhat I do find some good side and think that everything happens for a reason. That even things didn’t go well, there’s always a thing to be thankful for.

When it comes to feelings, people are very playful in it. Maybe you’re happy outside but you’re not. Even though I try to be positive in my case but somewhat there’s always been a pinch of sadness left and budding in my heart.

I felt down and sad but I know that things will soon get better. Maybe I wear a mask sometimes just to say “I’m okay” but  I don’t know but maybe that’s normal, you need to have pain in order to feel things and too keep moving.


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