Food: A Little Experiment

Chocolates, cookies, brownies and other more sweets are just too much irresistible. They say that when you depressed eat a chocolate. Sometimes when you are sleepy while in your class, just a bite of chocolate will do. Even before reviewing for your exam, just eat some chocolate to boost up your energy.

Aren’t you bored with those plain chocolates? Just make a little difference by adding up some ingredients or something in your chocolates that will not cost much and can just be found in your kitchen.

You need:
Chocolate/Chocolate Syrup
Ice Cream

  1. First is to pulverized the biscuits. You can wrap it in a piece of paper so it would not be that messy. Here, I have two kind of biscuits. A plain one and a chocolate.
  2. Put a right amount of chocolate in the container.
  3. Sprinkle it with the biscuits. Then add a layer of chocolate topped with a layer of biscuits.
  4. Add other sweets you like and let it in the fridge for a minute.
  5. You can add ice cream to finish it up.
    Just five steps and you can have your own sweets. It doesn’t need a lot of money to make your sweets. Just rummage your kitchen and have a little experiment. Be creative and save up money at the same time.

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