Spiritual: A Walk With HIM

(I have written this one last October 2015)

“Walking in Christianity is not a smooth road.” This was said by Sis. Sheila, she was like a older sister to me, she taught me things and what I will might encounter in this walk.

In our life we encounter trials and problems that may let us down or make us stand up as we fall. Being a college student is a little bit depressing, having projects at the same deadline, reviewing for exams, having those bags under your eyes and a lot more. College is one of the  most critical part of our life since it is the time we are getting ready before we step into the real world. We are groomed and cultivated during this time to bring out to the field we are in.

I’am a 4th year student in a University taking Computer Engineering. 4th year is the most crucial year since after that year you will get your OJT (On-The-Job-Training) , you need to pass all the subjects from the first to the second semester to be enrolled in it. Also, in this year standards are not alike when you are in the lower years since students will gonna be filtered throughly and only who pays their best will got it.

It’s gonna be the end of the semester and we got our finals exams this week (First Week of October). Some students already know if they have the chance to pass the subject or not since the professors gave the grading systems and we got our papers so we can compute for it. I must say that it is not a smooth sailing, sometimes I got high scores and sometimes not. In one of our subjects, our professor told us to compute for our grades and gave the passing grade or cut-off grade. Unluckily, my grade lacks by 2% for it to be passed, I felt sad of course nut just a while.

My classmates are like partying because they passed the subject but what for me? Yes, I lack some points but I don’t know… I don’t feel that down or depressed. I asked my classmate, “Am I weird if I don’t worry that much because of my grade?”. She gave a smile in return and of course laugh since it was grade that we were talking about. It was so important to us.

But as what I have said, I didn’t worry that much. I don’t know what it came to me but I’ve been changed. If I were back then, I would cry until my eyeballs pops out of my eyes. I would cry and be helpless but today, I was different. I closed my eyes and prayed instead. Talking to HIM soothes the feeling for everything is under HIS control. Sometimes when we were happy, we thanked HIM but when we’re in a desperate situation, we blame HIM for it.

I didn’t blame HIM but in return I thanked HIM for it because HE shows me that even though in these hard times HE and HE will be the only one who will be at  your back. Only God and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus.

I still remember the first lesson Sis. Sheila discussed that  God is called “The God of Wrath”. All I know that time was the old saying that “God is Love”. I was fed up with just informations and not with understanding back then. I though that God loves us and the end but I was wrong. I was wrong. God hates sin that much and whoever does it will go to hell but for God so love us.. He gave His only begotten son as a sacrifice. Have you ever imagine it? His own son as a sacrifice for the people who doesn’t even deserve it?

In John 14:1, “Let not your hearts be troubled, believe in God; Believe also in me.” As I put this on my mind I imagined it in a command voice. Why does he said that we should believe Him? For only one reason, He died in our place. He died to save us from our desperate lives. I couldn’t even imagine if it was never been happened but everything is planned according to God. He knows what will gonna be better for us than we do.

This verse pops out of the bible as I reached it after I talked to God for the things that happened to me this day. Somewhat, I felt relieved. I almost cried when I read the verse 27 of John 14, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them afraid.” God and Jesus will always be the answer. Answer to every questions and troubles.

We may go with these troubles but the most important is that we learned for our mistakes and we should be troubled for everything happens for a reason. It is what God has planned for us. He has the control on the things. We still have a long road to take, It may not be as smooth ride as you imagine it but there will always gonna be a stop where God will always remind you that you  not alone. He gives you the best and everything.

There’s a saying that, “A banana a day will make the doctor away.” but for me, “A verse a day will keep your troubles away.”

To play video games, pamper ourselves, spoiled or wants… To run away with it… We do these things to forget our problems but only God will help us through this. He and only Him.

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